Deniel Kalla

Deniel Kalla



The post-antibiotic era. Infectious disease specialists have long feared the time when common bacterial infections no longer respond to antibiotics. But no one expected such a bug to emerge so ferociously and simultaneously in major cities along the West Coast.

Lina Lopez, a young epidemiologist with the CDC, is determined to find out why a drug addict in Seattle died of a flesh-eating disease caused by bacteria resistant to every known antibiotic. At the same time Dr. Graham Kilburn, watches helplessly as two previously healthy Vancouver patients die from massive untreatable infections. And in Portland, Homicide cop Seth Cohen’s investigation into a double murder leads him to a suspect who might be deliberately spreading drugs tainted with a killer bacterium.

Meanwhile in Philadelphia, a young scientist’s dream is realized in the creation of her brand new and ultra-effective antibiotic. But a rare unexpected side effect threatens to turn the dream into a nightmare and topple the pharmaceutical company funding her.

The new “superbug” and its only potential antidote thrust all four lives together in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. Realizing man, not nature, created the malicious pathogen, the doctors and detective race to find the source before the bacteria digs a permanent foothold on the planet. Their hunt takes them from the sordid back alleys of inner city Portland to upper class Philadelphia suburbs.

Facing proficient killers of both the human and microbiological kind, their race against time for dying patients turns into a struggle to survive and unmask the enemies desperate to stop them at any cost…

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