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Rage Therapy

When a psychiatrist strays way over the line, his partner is left to face the deadly consequences…

Dr. Joel Ashman, a young, widowed psychiatrist, investigates two deaths. One is the fatal beating of his mentor Stanley Kolberg, and the other the suicide of a beautiful young patient. A year apart, on the face of it the events are unrelated. But as the investigation into Kolberg’s murder wades into an ugly world of sadomasochism and patient abuse, the relevance to his patient’s death grows. And after the murder of a second psychiatrist, Joel realizes he is on a crash course with someone willing to do anything to conceal the past…

In this psychological thriller—a story of misplaced trust, malpractice, and murder—death comes with a proviso. And the story ends with a shocking twist: more than one person can hide a lethal secret.

“Kalla navigates the emerging fields of impulse and rage control therapy, and the issue of doctor/patient abuse, turning it all into an ingenious thriller.” — The Ottawa Citizen

“His first novel, Pandemic, was as fine a medical thriller as I’ve ever read; his newest, Rage Therapy, is a taut psychological thriller that will pull you into a world of sexual deviancy, murder, and mind games. A very good read.” —  Nelson DeMille, New York Times #1 best-selling author

“Gripping”  — The Vancouver Sun

“Rage Therapy is a compelling story. It’s layered and nuanced… Kalla might well grow to be the James Patterson or John Grisham of the medical world.” — January Magazine