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Of Flesh and Blood

A hundred years ago, Dr. Evan McGrath realized his dream of establishing a hospital in the Pacific Northwest that would never turn away a patient in need. But the personal cost was steep. Evan lost the love of his life while making a powerful enemy of the hospital’s financier, Marshall Alfredson.

Today, the Alfredson Medical Center is internationally renowned for its care. The two founding families remain faithful to Evan’s vision, but their history is clouded by forbidden love, conflict and betrayal. And crisis is besieging the Alfredson. A decision by Dr. Tyler McGrath, a childhood cancer specialist, leaves a young patient’s family shattered. Dr. Jill Laidlaw, Tyler’s wife, is a researcher poised to offer fresh hope to MS victims—including a former Presidential frontrunner—until rumors of research fraud endanger her career. And in the face of temptation and career demands, Tyler and Jill are drifting apart.

Devastating family secrets, doomed relationships and present-day medical disasters merge to threaten not only the Alfredsons and McGraths but the legendary hospital itself.

“This novel should appeal to any reader who enjoys a rich medical narrative that combines the past with the present and throws into the mix visionary doctors, supportive nurses, hospital politics, children with cancer, celebrity patients, a lethal infection, adultery, and unrequited love.” — Library Journal 

“Daniel Kalla plunges us straight into the frenzied pace of the OR and a medical drama that spans a hundred years. He’s a strong storyteller who keeps his characters moving and struggling, and we’re right there, struggling with them, rooting for them.” — The Vancouver Sun

“Daniel Kalla deftly portrays the triumph and heartbreak of life-or-death matters.” — Susan Wiggs, New York Times bestselling author

“Daniel Kalla, a worthy successor of Robin Cook, shows as deft a hand in penning this compelling tale as he no doubt does in the operating room.” — Eileen Goudge, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Of Flesh And Blood is great story-telling. Daniel Kalla has written a remarkably compelling novel of vivid, driven characters and the hard choices they are forced to make. ” — David Liss, Bestselling author