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Dr Kalla: Speaker Profile

Dr. Kalla is known for the quality and content of his keynote addresses. He presents from his personal and professional experiences, as well as from the content of his books.

Kalla is not only a great writer, but also an excellent speaker with a broad and loyal fan base. As a speaker, Daniel is engaging and warm; his sense of humor and intelligent narrative keep audiences enthralled. Always respectful of audience questions and opinions, Daniel has a great way of connecting with his audience no matter what the demographic or the subject matter is. — Nicole Nozick, Director, Vancouver JCC Jewish Book Festival


Dr. Kalla offers:

  • Media interviews
  • Speaking
  • Book Readings
  • Book Signings

Audiences and clients include:

  • Women’s Organizations
  • Jewish Community Centers, synagogues and other interdenominational societies
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Book Club Members
  • Middle School/High School/College
  • Nursing Associations
  • Psychologists/Psychiatrists
  • Parent Organizations

Speech and Workshop Topics include:

  • The little-known but amazing role that Shanghai played in sheltering over twenty thousand German Jews from the horror of the Holocaust
  • His parents’ families harrowing escapes from the genocide in Europe
  • The state of 1940s health care, and the devastating realities and dilemmas of war-time medicine
  • The Multi-Generational Medical Family: Real Life and Fiction
  • Living the Dual Career — Choices, Challenges and Balance
  • Preparing for a Pandemic: What if the Spanish flu were to return?

Content, length and messages are tailored for the audience addressed. Typical keynote addresses are 45 to 60 minutes.

To book Dr. Kalla for speaking or media, please contact: