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A newly-minted blogger thanks some veteran bloggers

With the publication of my latest novel, The Far Side of the Sky, l finally learned why so many authors rave about book bloggers. Several of these passionate and intelligent readers were kind enough to review my last novel, and I was thrilled to learn that more than one included The Far Side of the Sky on their Best Books of 2012 lists!

As someone new to blogging myself, I have quickly come to see the challenges they face. So it is with great appreciation that I present: Anna at Diary of an Eccentric blog included the novel in her Best Books I Read in 2012 list. She described this historical novel about the Jewish community in World War II-era Shanghai as “an exciting and beautifully written story about a city and people in turmoil.” Jennifer at Jenn’s Bookshelves blog included The Far Side of the Sky as “a book I adored” in historical fiction during 2012. Finally, I was thrilled to see Kelsey at The Independent Review listed my novel in her Top Five.

A Writer’s Digest post titled “Why Writers Need Book Bloggers” states: “Book bloggers cut through the noise of the Internet simply by writing detailed, thoughtful reviews. The best of them lack the snark that anonymous corners of the internet can breed. They’ve cultivated their voices and sensibilities. They’ve grown a loyal readership. They seem intent on maintaining the quality of their blogs, which shows in the depth of their reviews.”

I couldn’t agree more with Writer’s Digest’s assessment of these thoughtful ambassadors of the blogosphere. Thanks for the wonderful reviews. I appreciate them all. And I can’t wait to offer copies of the next novel in the trilogy, Rising Sun, Falling Shadow, to readers – the release date will be September 2013.


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